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A support for the better management of law firms, which enables to those in charge the immediate access to the most relevant and critical data concerning the profitability of their practice:

- Tracking the time allocated to tasks by each member in the office assigned to different matters

- Tracking of current accounts, bills, productivity and profitability of clients, matters and employees

Management Reports

Get a grip, at all times, on the most relevant variables of your company performance: productivity of lawyers and profitability of matters and clients.

Time-Tracking with Timer

Powerful time and expense management. Allows thorough billing sheets. Take a hold of time management with a well designed approval workflow that permits corrections, notes, rejections, locks and more.

Matter Management

Both for managers and other employees, and even for those who work alone, planning and organizing one's work can really change your practice, for the better. Build teams around your clients' matters, assign them tasks and check progress.

Contact Management

Every bit of information about each contact in one place. Efficient contact management with clients' current-accounts and planned tasks for their matters.

Smart Billing Sheets Generator

Check your unbilled work and generate billing sheets, automatically. Fully justify your invoices, with more detail than you ever thought possible, being able to bill more time, with less effort.

Flexible User Profiles

It is up to the system administrator to set  clearance levels for each user. There are different levels of data and features users are allowed to. The mentioned administrator will set those profiles the best way saw fit.